About Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is popular because it offers a free-ranging Orangutan exhibit and protects endangered animals such as primates and Indian gharial. This zoo runs the best and safest breeding practices for it to be applauded by many organizations. Moreover, it possesses 3000+ animals from 300+ species ranging from the calmest herbivores to the deadliest beasts. People of all ages are welcome in this park because seeing these lovely animals is enjoyable for every age group in the Singapore zoo best time to visit. Singapore Zoo presents a variety of animal shows to amuse the visitors, including the Splash Safari Show, Rainforest Fights Back Show, and Animals Friend Show. Choose this as the best time to go to singapore zoo, people can witness animals performing their movements.

Best Time to Visit Singapore Zoo

This place can ideally be visited during any time of the day, however, if you want to face less crowd and explore the place in more peace then the best time to go to Singapore zoo are mornings and late evenings. Another reason why mornings and late afternoons are recommended as Singapore zoo best time to visit is its cool weather during those times.

Know Before You Go to Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Tips

1. How to Reach Singapore Zoo:

By Bus: To get transfers to this location, use Singapore Attractions Express which provides a facility of transfer between Singapore Zoo and famous hotels.

By MRT Stations: To get to the Singapore Zoo, take a connecting bus from one of the following stations on the North-South MRT line.- Take the Choa Chu Kang (NS4) train to the connecting bus stop, which is bus number 927.- Take the train to Ang Mo Kio (NS16), then board bus number 138 for the connection.- Take the rail to Woodlands (NS9), then board bus route 926 for the connection.

By Mandai Khatib Shuttle: This will transport you from Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to Singapore Zoo if you arrive at this station via the North-South line.

2. Timings:Operational hours at the Singapore Zoo are from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The last entry is allowed at 5:00 PM.

3. Location:80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826 is the exact Singapore zoo location which can be found very easily through google maps.

Singapore Zoo Park Rules

  • Safety of Zoo animals: Bringing flammable or dangerous things inside the zoo is strictly prohibited.
  • Safe Riding: Wear your seatbelts and take other safety precautions when you're on the safari ride.
  • Commercial Footage: Without the full consent of the zoo, it is forbidden to record any footage on videotape or another similar medium.
  • No Flash Photography: Flashes may irritate, disturb, or even blind some animals depending upon their own sensitivity. Hence, it is prohibited to use flash.
  • Don’t enter into Prohibited areas: Entering into dangerous zones may make you come in an encounter with life-threatening wild animals.
  • Some Don’ts: Don't bring your pets or plants from outside, also don't smoke inside the premises.

Services Offered in Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Tips
  • There are first aid stations and Automated External Defibrillators(AED) distributed throughout the zoo.
  • There are diaper changing stations available throughout the zoo, including the entrance, Kidz World, the lake pavilion, the wildlife learning center, and the reptile garden.
  • The front gate, the rainforest KidzWorld, and the reptile garden, all are accessible to the nurseries
  • There are ATMs available inside the zoo for those who might need cash.
  • Through the Lost and Found service, you can try to locate your lost item.
  • You can borrow wheelchairs for free, hire strollers for your children, and commute on electric scooters.
  • Look for the network named PARKFREEWIFI to access the fast wifi inside the zoo premises.
  • Lockers at rent are accessible.

Tips to Remember while Visiting Singapore Zoo

Singapore in September
  • The weather will be sunny most of the time so remember to carry sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Bring your refillable water bottle so you can stay hydrated while exploring.
  • Bring food from outside is allowed so you can always have home cooked meals or you can have food of your choice from your favorite singapore zoo restaurant.
  • Apply insect repellent all over your body to lessen the chances of being bitten by insects.
  • Keep your calm and make an effort to avoid an outside macaque, if you come across one.
  • Reach to nearest uniformed staff or call on the Singapore Police Force by dialing number 999 at the time of any distress situation.