About Jurong Bird Park Singapore

If you've always appreciated the beauty of nature and its creatures then Jurong Bird Park is a must-visit place for you. For an up-close encounter with some of the most beautiful and unique feathered companions, step into the world of Jurong Bird Park. It is Asia's largest bird park, with 400 distinct species and up to 4000 birds. It is home to unique and endangered species such as hornbills and sun conures that you may have never seen before! By purchasing a Jurong Bird Park ticket online, tourists can experience a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see some exquisite birds. It comprises walk-in cages and bird exhibitions that provide a true peek into the lives of these beautiful creatures. The aviaries are particularly constructed to closely match the feathered friends' natural habitat. Throughout the day, the 50-acre refuge hosts educational and entertaining bird shows. Don't miss the Birds n Buddies event, which features a beautiful display of the world's greatest collection of birds. Further, in the world’s first underwater viewing gallery, one can watch pelicans preparing to grab their food, have colourful and friendly lories feed directly out of your hands, and be amazed by the singing parrot. Undoubtedly, this place is a real heaven for bird lovers and Jurong Bird Park online tickets can be booked in advance.

Why to Book Jurong Bird Park Singapore Tickets?

Well-known for all its shows and activities, Jurong Bird Park offers complete entertainment to its visitors. The two most essential shows to be a part of are King of the Skies and High Flyers Show. You would not regret spending the entire day here, since there are numerous activities to do, including wildlife excursions, bird feeding, bird contact sessions, a children's play area, and camping. If you are planning an outing with your family in Singapore then this place must be on your bucket list. Booking a Jurong Bird Park ticket online will provide you with some significant benefits. Tourists can take advantage of some of the essential offers while booking their tickets in advance. Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Night Safari Combo and Jurong Bird Park Tickets are two of the amazing deals you can book in advance. Both of these packages provide a unique bird-watching experience at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. On your visit to the park, visitors can make the most of their trip by feeding birds and watching their interesting shows. Moreover, by availing of any of these packages, tourists can take a guided tram ride through Jurong Bird Park at their leisure. Get your Jurong Bird Park ticket Singapore now and prepare to see over 4000 colourful birds in the park.

Stroll through the lovely Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park Admission Ticket with Tram Ride

Get a ticket to Jurong Bird Park and ride aboard a tram to see the gorgeous and diverse varieties of birds.


  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of charge while children aged 3-12 will be charged at a child price.
  • Individuals aged 13 and above will be charged at an adult price.
  • Park will operate on selected Mondays to Wednesdays. Refer to the below-extended dates open on Mondays to Wednesdays during public holidays and school holiday periods:
  • Dec: 5-7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
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Experiences Included in Jurong Bird Park Tickets

Jurong Bird Park activities are suitable for all ages, and the variety ensures that people of all ages enjoy them. Camping, touring, lunching with animals and birds, and even feeding them, are just a few of the exciting and enjoyable activities available. The park provides activities not just for children but also for adults. So, take your avian adventure to new heights and explore the extensive bird sanctuary by purchasing Jurong Bird Park ticket online. The property is divided into sections of stunning aviaries that allow visitors to see the magnificent wildlife and enjoy breathtaking shows that will provide an unforgettable experience! Take a peek at the various activities available in the park!

Enjoy Wildlife Touring

This is something no birdy should overlook! In this unique tour led by the friendly bird keepers, snuggle up to the African Hornbills, learn more about Raptors, and meet a chick nanny. Make your visit even more exciting by making online bookings for Jurong Bird Park ticket Singapore! Tourists can embark on an easy and free tour accompanied by a personal guide on their private buggy. While taking the tour, the guide will even help with some amazing things related to these creatures.

Experience Feeding the Animals

The birds in the park are at their most active during feeding time. Park rangers will provide live commentary as the chaos unfolds. At some exhibits, you may even feed the birds, which range from pelicans to penguins. Meet some of our feathered friends during their feeding periods. Purchase a meal online and enjoy close encounters with the feathered friends.

Enjoy Entertaining Sessions at Keeper’s Talk

Learn more about our wildlife from the keepers. Hear about the animals' peculiarities from our caretakers in this interactive event. Enjoy live commentary from our keepers as well as close-up experiences with the birds while they are being fed during these interactive feeding sessions.

Ace out your Team-Bonding Skills at Camps

For youngsters under the age of 14, Jurong Bird Park provides a range of camps. Children are exposed to the magnificent world of these avian species, getting a deeper understanding of them through close-up observations and care for them at these camps, which range from half-day to overnight visits. With self-learning possibilities, team-bonding activities, and unique animal insights, these camps empower kids to explore. Jurong Bird Park ticket allows a tourist to avail of some of the exclusive benefits and deals specially curated for kids.

Top Zones at River Wonders Singapore

African Treetops

This section houses 111 different kinds of bird creatures from Africa, the Seychelles, and Madagascar. You can walk through the rainforest canopy in 360 degrees and witness both the top tier and ground-dwelling birds. On cool days, groups of colourful birds might be observed soaring together. Ground-dwelling birds hunt for food near the forest floor on the lowest layer. Purple glossy starling, big blue turaco, ashy starling, red-crested turaco, and golden-breasted starling are some of the common African species seen here.

Wings of Asia

This aviary is home to endangered species such as the Bali Myna, Santa Cruz Ground-Dove, among others. The largest collection of Southeast Asian birds, with over 200 species, may be seen here. There are enormous, central aviaries as well as smaller, peripheral aviaries, which house the more sensitive and territorial birds in large cages. Fruit doves and pigeons, for example, may cohabit with each other and are allowed to travel freely. A rainstorm with a drizzle is reproduced at midday, thus this portion is best visited at that time. Also, booking a Jurong Bird Park ticket online will allow visitors to have an up-close look at these endangered species.

Penguin Coast

Penguin Coast in Jurong Bird Park allows you to meet some of the most adorable sea creatures. This sport in the park is shaped like a ship and is one of the park's most popular segments, housing four different kinds of penguins, including the African Penguin, King Peng, Humboldt, Macaroni, King, and others. Penguin shore is a must-see for visitors to the park because penguins are rarely spotted in such fine shape. They're kept safe inside a climate-controlled den.

Flamingo Lake

Have you ever seen a Caribbean Flamingo? If you haven't already, Jurong Bird Park offers you the unique opportunity to spend time with them at their Flamingo Lake. Free-ranging ibises, green iguanas, Cuban rock iguanas, Cape shelducks, Caribbean flamingos, Chilean flamingos, Lesser flamingos, and Cape shelducks are among the various species. The lake is the largest of the three flamingo exhibits, and it houses the park's flock of flamingos and Australian white ibis. The Flamingo Lodge, which overlooks the Flamingo Lake, allows visitors to have a closer look at the flamingos and their numerous types.

Lory Loft

There are around 1000 free-flying lories in this walk-in aviary for lories and lorikeets. It consists of nine stories and has a total area of 3000 square metres. Megapodes, currawongs, Eclectus parrots, king parrots, cockatoos, and different Australasian parakeets are also found here. The aviary looks like a tropical rainforest valley in Northern Australia. The lory loft can be visited and a special nectar mix is offered to the lories. Some of the top shelf animals to look for in this spot of Jurong Bird Park are the Red-Billed Hornbill and Black Hornbill.

Pelican Cave

All eight species of pelicans, including the endangered Dalmatian pelican, call Pelican Cave home. Wild herons, Australian Pelican, storks, bin chickens, and larger flamingos are among the other species that can be found here. Tourists can wander along a boardwalk and observe the birds.

Know Before You Book Jurong Bird Park Tickets

Essential Info
Park Rules
Services Offered
  • Opening HoursThe opening hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m and the entry is closed at 5 p.m. Therefore, it is suggested to make the booking of a Jurong Bird Park ticket.

  • How to Reach

By Road: Jurong Park is a short drive from Singapore's central business district. To get to the park, take either the Central Expressway or the Pan Island Expressway.

By MRT and bus: Alight at Boon Lay station on the East West MRT Line. Take Bus 194 to the Jurong Bird Park from the Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

- Best time to Visit:The months of May to July are the best for visiting Jurong Bird Park, as this is when the most birds can be seen. It's also ideal to go early in the morning when the majority of the bird exhibitions are held. But make sure that you are making a booking of a Jurong Bird Park ticket.

Tips to know Before Booking Jurong Bird Park Singapore tickets

1.) Stay Sun Safe:On a sunny Sunday, the park is a great place to visit; just remember to pack your sunglasses or hats. Sunblock or sunscreen is recommended for persons who are prone to becoming sunburned.

2.) Stay Hydrated:Make sure you have enough water. Don't worry if your bag isn't big enough! Water dispensers are located throughout the park. You only need to carry your own water bottle.

3.) Wear Comfy Shoes:The park is best explored at a slow pace, and the shoes you wear can make a big impact. Wear something soft and comfortable to keep your feet from hurting.

4.) Wear Insect Repellent:Though the zoo takes precautions to protect visitors, insect repellent is recommended to avoid any unexpected insect bites.

Other Places to visit in Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Jurong Bird Park has turned into a recreational destination that gives tourists hands-on learning opportunities. Through different Jurong Bird Park activities and sights available at the property, tourists can visit River Wonders, explore the Night Safari, and stroll around the Singapore Zoo. All these spots in Mandai Wildlife Reserve offer better awareness of animals, birds, plants, and the environment, as well as the importance of wildlife protection.

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River Wonders

River Wonders, which is part of Mandai Wildlife Reserve, houses one of the world's largest collections of freshwater vertebrates, with over 11,000 animal specimens representing over 260 species and 400 plant species. Jurong Bird Park and River Wonders showcase the beauty of tropical freshwater ecosystems as well as the importance of protecting them. Visitors can learn about Mekong huge catfish, giant freshwater stingrays, gigantic arapaimas, green anacondas, and Antillean manatees, which are all endangered.

Singapore zoo
Night Safari

Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal animal park, located within Mandai Wildlife Reserve. It is home to around 900 creatures representing approximately 100 species, with over 41% of them being threatened. The park takes initiatives in the number of global breeding programmes for species such as the Malayan tiger, clouded leopard, Malayan tapir, and Sunda slow loris, all of which are threatened. The park is the first zoological institution in the world to care for the critically endangered Sunda pangolin. Moreover, the park can be explored on foot or by tram, with four walking trails available.

Singapore zoo
Singapore Zoo

The 26-hectare award-winning Singapore Zoo is located in Mandai Wildlife Reserve and offers guests interactive learning excursions. With over 4,200 animals representing over 300 species, 34% of which are vulnerable, Singapore Zoo's world-famous naturalistic exhibits provide many opportunities to explore the wonders of wildlife. The Zoo is well-known for its world-class free-ranging orangutan exhibit, and it pays special attention to endangered primates and Southeast Asian chelonians.

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