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Singapore Zoo Shows

The Singapore Zoo shows are one of the most popular highlights of this zoo as spectators come in masses to experience them. These shows have to be booked early in advance as the tickets get sold out very frequently. Once booked, you have to reach the venue for comfortable seating as they are made available based on the First-come-first-serve model. These fantastic shows happen mostly in Shaw Foundation Amphitheater twice a day- usually in the mornings and evenings and will keep you indulge in fun and excitement for a good 15-20 minutes. These shows range from the light-hearted animal interactive sessions featuring domestic pets such as mice, cats, and dogs to the deadliest ones with snakes.During your visit, you will go across various animals and zones at Singapore Zoo which will provide you the unique experience. The extreme shows with wild animals happen in the provision of the zoo staff and authorities. Besides this, shows featuring the aquatic animals that come out of the water and perform tricks are immensely popular as well. At the end of the shows, lucky visitors are allowed to get clicked with the adorable animals.

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Splash Safari Show

The California sea lion is here to entertain you in this zoo with its exciting moves and exceptional skills with splashing water all over you! The Sea Lions there are able to glide on the water and successfully manage to balance a ball on its nose followed by sliding it over to its body. One of the Singapore zoo daily shows happens to be at Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre in the zoo. The sea lion amazes you for a good 15-20 minutes twice in the day, in the time of morning and evening.

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Animals Friend Show

As the name suggests, this show is all about cute domestic animals that are friendly, adorable and obedient. The show is a hit among audiences as it inspires them to live in harmony with nature. Kids interact with adorable pets and try to befriend them in happiness. These animals which were once abandoned present you a show with the classic tales of cats and mice in addition to dogs performing fun stunts. You can interact with these animals, and click Instagram-worthy pictures with them. This is one of the Singapore zoo shows that happen twice a day, in the afternoon and evening at Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheater.

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Rainforest Fights Back Show

This entertaining show keeps you enchanted and engaged by showcasing the participation of various rainforest animals. Some of these animals can jump and fly to show off their wit and combat skills. This event features mainly a snake that you can get a chance to touch its slithery body. Another highlight of this popular event is that it offers photo-opportunity with the animals by selecting a person from a lucky draw. This show happens twice in the afternoon at Shaw Foundation Amphitheater.

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Know Before You Go Singapore Zoo

Plan Your Visit
Park Rules
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Make the most of your trip to the Singapore Zoo by being well-prepared. Here's everything you need to know before going to the Singapore Zoo.

1.) Opening Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. The last admission is permitted at 5:00PM.

2.) Best Time to Visit: The early morning hours are ideal for exploring Singapore Zoo since they allow you to beat the heat and avoid crowds. This is because the afternoon is the hottest time of day, making you fatigued and uneasy. The cooler weather in the morning enables you to enjoy and explore.

3.) How To Reach By MRT Stations: To travel to the Singapore Zoo, take a connecting bus from one of the North-South MRT stations listed below. Take the Choa Chu Kang (NS4) train, then transfer to bus number 927. Take the train to Ang Mo Kio train (NS16), then transfer to bus number 138. Take the train to Woodlands (NS9), then transfer to bus route 926.

By Mandai Khatib Shuttle: If you arrive at Khatib MRT Station (NS14) via the North-South line, this shuttle will take you to Singapore Zoo.

By Bus: To get to this destination, use the Singapore Attractions Express which provides transfer facility from the popular hotels of Singapore to the Singapore zoo.

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What is Singapore Zoo best known for?

This zoo is well-known for having an open Orangutan exhibit and for protecting endangered animals such as primates and reptiles like Indian gharials. This zoo has imported two infamous giraffes from India to make people witness the beautiful giraffes and feed them. Many authorities have praised this zoo for its best and safest breeding procedures. Singapore zoo shows and a variety of animal exhibitions are presented to keep the visitors entertained.

What are the types of animals to see at the Singapore Zoo?

Primates: The primates dwell in their own personal space in the specially curated ‘islands’ known as ‘Primate Kingdom’. You can find different types of monkeys like Black-handed spider monkey, Eastern black-and-white colobus monkey, black howler monkey, white-faced saki monkey, and squirrel monkey. A variety of lemurs like ring-tailed lemur, and black-and-white ruffed lemur while Cotton top tamarin is one of the most popular primate of all.

Reptiles: Singapore zoo features the calmest reptiles, the turtles and tortoises like the giant Aldabra tortoise. The deadliest reptiles like rattlesnake, Python and a variety of lizards such as monitor lizard, and geckos live peacefully inside their own habitat.

Amphibians: A variety of amphibians including different frogs are present inside the zones of Singapore zoo. Blue milk frogs, dyeing poison frogs are the most popular and beautiful amphibians of the zoo park to see.

Can I bring my food to the Singapore Zoo?

Yes, you are permitted to bring outside food to the picnic areas, however, there are availiblity of Restaurants in Singapore Zoo where you can dine-in.

Who can we ask help for any animal assistance outside the park?

In the event of a risk or an unforeseen situation, dial 999 to request assistance and support from the Singapore Police Force.

Can I bring my stroller or wheelchair into the park?

The Singapore Zoo welcomes you to bring your wheelchair or stroller. If you intend to go by tram, you must fold the wheelchair and stroller before boarding.

What should I wear to Singapore Zoo?

You can wear light and comfortable clothes to visit the zoo as these kinds of clothes keep the heat away. You should wear comfortable footwear as you have to walk inside the zoo.

Can I Purchase Singapore Zoo Tickets at the Venue?

This zoo is one of the most famous attractions of Singapore as it witnesses a large number of spectators every day. This leads the tickets to be constantly sold off at the ticket counter even before everyone in the queue fetches tickets for themselves. The best way to tackle this issue is to go early because this is the time when you can expect less crowd, both in the queue and inside the zoo.

How long do people spend at Singapore Zoo?

On average, people spend around 3-4 hours inside the zoo to explore and experience the wildlife and various activities.

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